Mental Illness 3 Poster Set for Pharmacy Windows


Mental Illness 3 Poster Set for Pharmacy Windows


Set of three posters for pharmacy windows titled "Mental Illness" printed in 1961. These "ethical displays" were designed and written by Frank Pinchak, a pharmacist from Paterson, New Jersey. Published by his company Professional Advancement Plan, Pinchak sold the posters to pharmacists around the country. He donated the posters to the American Institute of the History of Pharmacy in 2013. The main poster reads: "Mental Illness America's No. 1 health problem. There are more people in hospitals with mental illness than with cancer, polio, heart disease, and all other physical diseases combined." Side poster #1 reads: "Mental illness facts...80% of mental patients are in state hospitals. Cost is over a billion dollars a year in taxes. The average state hospital has only 6 doctors available, 3 registered nurses, 3 social workers, 2 clinical psychologists, for every 10 needed!" Side poster #2 reads: "Pharmacy's fight against mental illness - New drugs 1...Make patients more cooperative and receptive to psychiatric treatment. 2...Expensive hospitalization minimized. [newspaper clippings]."




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