What You Should Know About Cancer 3 Poster Set for Pharmacy Windows



What You Should Know About Cancer 3 Poster Set for Pharmacy Windows


Set of three posters for pharmacy windows titled "What You Should Know About Cancer" printed in 1958. These "ethical displays" were designed and written by Frank Pinchak, a pharmacist from Paterson, New Jersey. Published by his company Professional Advancement Plan, Pinchak sold the posters to pharmacists around the country. He donated the posters to the American Institute of the History of Pharmacy in 2013. The main poster reads: "What You Should Know About...Cancer. What is cancer? It is known as a disorderly growth of cells of the body's tissues. How is it found? By pathological examination of a small portion of the suspected tissue under microscope. Is it contagious? Authorities are convinced that cancer is not due to an infectious germ. Is cancer curable? In its early stages. For long-time cases, the type governs its curability. Can it be detected? Learn the 7 danger signals. See your doctor for a check-up upon appearance of any of them. This information presented as a public health service by Your Pharmacist." Side poster #1 reads: "Learn the 7 Danger Signals of Cancer. 1. A lump or thickening in breast or elsewhere. 2. A sore throat that does not heal. 3. Change in bowels or bladder habits. 4. Unusual bleeding or discharge. 5. Hoarseness or cough. 6. Change in a wart or a mole. 7. Indigestion or difficulty in swallowing. Have a thorough check-up once a year." Side poster #2 reads: "Milestones in the constant FIGHT against cancer! The microscope perfected by Anthony Van Leeuenhoek enabled scientists to study the life of body cells.-1710. The x-ray discovered by Wilhelm Konrad Roentgen provided a way to make a diagnostic study of unopened bodies.-1895. Madame Curie discovered radium, which was effectively used to destroy cancer tissue.-1898. American Cancer Society founded. This society has done much to change public attitude through its educational program.-1913. About 150,000 Americans are being saved each year by being properly treated in time!"

This poster set is not part of the collection of posters that Frank Pinchak donated to AIHP; it was acquired through an online search and purchase in January 2022.



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