Pharmacy Footnotes 3 Poster Set for Pharmacy Windows


Pharmacy Footnotes 3 Poster Set for Pharmacy Windows


Set of three posters for pharmacy windows titled "Pharmacy Footnotes" printed in 1961. These "ethical displays" were designed and written by Frank Pinchak, a pharmacist from Paterson, New Jersey. Published by his company Professional Advancement Plan, Pinchak sold the posters to pharmacists around the country. He donated the posters to the American Institute of the History of Pharmacy in 2013. The main poster reads: "Pharmacy Footnotes: More than 80% of our adult population now have or will suffer from foot ailments. This condition could have been prevented through good foot hygiene and correct foot care. Your good health depends on your family podiatrist (chiropodist) as well as your family physician, dentist and pharmacist." Side poster #1 reads: "Basic rules for foot health: Wash feet frequently. Change shoes often. Trim toenails correctly. Wear appropriate shoes. Wear proper size shoes. Exercise your feet. Keep feet dry. Walk right. Examine feet often. Take care...If your feet need attention - see your local podiatrist." Side poster #2 reads: "Diabetic foot care: Because the diabetic's foot is more vulnerable to infection, proper daily hygiene is important. Many cornplasters and medicines should not be used. Instead, these conditions should be promptly attended to by your podiatrist or physician."




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