Fluoridation of Drinking Water 3 Poster Set for Pharmacy Windows



Fluoridation of Drinking Water 3 Poster Set for Pharmacy Windows


Set of three posters for pharmacy windows titled "Fluoridation of Drinking Water" printed in 1957. These "ethical displays" were designed and written by Frank Pinchak, a pharmacist from Paterson, New Jersey. Published by his company Professional Advancement Plan, Pinchak sold the posters to pharmacists around the country. He donated the posters to the American Institute of the History of Pharmacy in 2013. The main poster reads: "Your Pharmacist presents the "pro" and "con" of Fluoridation of Drinking Water. The theory: Drinking water containing fluorides in proper proportions transmits them through the bloodstream to the teeth to retard decay. By drinking fluoridated water during the development stages of teeth formation (birth to age 12) children may expect 40% to 60% fewer cavities." Side poster #1 reads: "Fluoridation Facts: Against - Let's Wait - too early to know. Some think long-term effects of fluoridated water may prove harmful. For - Suits me fine! People in some areas have been drinking fluoridated water their entire lives and mortality and disease rates are at standard levels. Against - Harmful to aged! Fluorides stain teeth! Accumulates in bones! Harmful to chronically ill! Some say fluorides are dangerous to general health. For - Prove it with facts! Others want proven facts to back up the dangers of fluoridated water." Side poster #2 reads: "Fluoridation Facts: Against - We cannot be forced to accept. "Forced fluoridation of water violates our constitutional rights." For - Vote of City Council or referendum vote lets each community decide for itself if it wants to fluoridate water supply. Against - Certain sects object to mass medication on religious grounds. For - "Special groups must give way if their rights interfere with the rights of the community as a whole to enjoy greater physical well being."




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