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Article from the November 1959 issue of the Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association. In the article, Frank Pinchak, a pharmacist practicing in Paterson, NJ, writes about his Professional Advancement Plan, with instructions for the "basic"…
Article about marijuana smoking from the November 26, 1938, issue of the Science News Letter.
Cover page of a pamphlet written by Herbert C. Hamilton about the medicinal value of cannabis sativa. The article originally appeared in the Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association on April 4, 1915. It was reprinted by Parke Davis for its…
Article about cannabis indica by John Humphrey, which details the chemical composition of the plant. From the July 1902 issue of Merck's Report.
Article about Indian Hemp cultivation and manufacturing by William Mair from the September 1, 1898, issue of The Pharmaceutical Era.
Article from the Literary Digest about hemp agriculture, January 27, 1923.
Illustration of Cannabis Sativa from the Western Druggist in April 1899.
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