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Bottle of fluid extract of cannabis manufactured by Parke, Davis & Company on November 7, 1928.
4 fluid oz. bottle labeled "Lloyd's Echinacea," c. 1950. The label lists it as being "from the laboratories of Lloyd Brothers Pharmacists Inc." in "Cincinnati, Ohio."
Empty bottle of Red Chief Lightnin Liniment, c. 1925, from the Red Chief Chemical Co., of Memphis, Tennessee. The directions read, "For external use: Apply freely to parts affected. Internal: Adult dose: 10 drops in teaspoonful of sugar. Children 3…
One-fourth pint bottle labelled "Fluid Extract No. 395 Sarsaparilla U.S.P.," c. 1945, from Eli Lilly, Indianapolis, Indiana.
Bottle of fluid extract of wild cherry bark from Eli Lilly & Co., c. 1910, and tin of wild cherry extract from a c. 1895 Parke, Davis and Co. Materia Medica case.
A H.K. Mulford bottle of Fluid Extract of Hydrastis, c. 1920.
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