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Plate 100 of bearberry from American medicinal plants, an illustrated and descriptive guide to the American plants used as homeopathic remedies: their history, preparation, chemistry, and physiological effects, by Charles Frederick Millspaugh (1887).
Parke Davis collectible ink blotter from the c. 1940s advertising Benadryl for seasonal allergies. The blotter includes depictions of plants which might trigger seasonal allergies: weeds, grasses, trees, and vines. It is noted that Benadryl is…
Illustration of Cannabis Sativa from the Western Druggist in April 1899.
Two-page spread from the 1933 Herbalist Almanac featuring illustrations of various medicinal plants, including juniper, kuemmel, larkspur, leverwood, marygold, master of the woods, lance leaf plantain, lavender, lobelia, lungwort, mezereon, and…
Illustration of Cannabis Indica from the Romance of Empire Drugs published by Stafford Allen & Sons in 1932.
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