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Advertising placard for Chief Two Moon Bitter oil, c. 1930, featuring an image of the founder of the company, Chief Two Moon Meridas, wearing a headdress and traditional Native American clothing. The sign reads, "Here is a combination of nature's…
Advertising sign for the Chief Two Moon Bitter Oil, c. 1935. The sign reads, "Stop! Gambling with your health. Use the old reliable Chief Two Moon Bitter Oil, the wonderful laxative, sold here."
Box for Chief Two Moon Bitter Oil Laxative from the Chief Two Moon Herb Co., Waterbury, Conn., c. 1945.
Back cover of 1937 Dr. Morse's Almanac and Weather Forecaster advertising Comstock's Dead Shot Worm Pellets, Comstock's Liniment, and Dr. Morse's Indian Root, "the time proven laxative."
Box of Indian Herbs Brand laxative tablets with a depiction of a stereotypical Native American man, c. 1960. The label claims that the tablets are "composed of derivatives of Indian herbs used from olden times by the Indians." The front of the box…
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