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The Ladies Birthday Almanac 1900 cover advertising Thedford's Black Draught and Wine of Cardui. The cover depicts a stereotypical image of a Native American woman showing a white woman how to use native medicines near decorative scrolls that read,…
Members of the Ho-Chunk Nation gather in front of Werner Drugstore on Main Street in Black River Falls, c. 1915. The signpost on the right side indicates that English was not the first language of many of the area’s residents. One side of the post…
A group of people posed among tents, for a traveling medicine show, c. 1895. A banner above a stage says, "The Umatilla Indian Hogar, for Long Life and Good Health." Image courtesy of the Wisconsin Historical Society, WHS-56489.
1917 Advertisement for Kickapoo Sagwa and other products by the Kickapoo Indian Medicine Co., Inc. The advertisement features stereotypical images of Native Americans wearing robes and headdresses.
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