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Article from the Literary Digest about hemp agriculture, January 27, 1923.
Article about Indian Hemp cultivation and manufacturing by William Mair from the September 1, 1898, issue of The Pharmaceutical Era.
Article about cannabis indica by John Humphrey, which details the chemical composition of the plant. From the July 1902 issue of Merck's Report.
Pamphlet titled "Marihuana: Some Questions and Answers" (Public Health Service Publication NO. 1829) published by the Public Information Branch of the National Institute of Mental Health, U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare in about…

Printers proofs of pages from the booklet, Target America: Drug Traffickers, Terrorists, and You, published by the Drug Enforcement Administration Museum in 2004.
Children's coloring book titled, "Katy's Coloring Book about Drugs & Health," published by the U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration in 1977.
Original text of bill introduced in the Wisconsin assembly by Lloyd Barbee, a state representative from Milwaukee, to legalize marijuana.
Original press release from Lloyd Barbee, a state representative from Milwaukee, supporting pro-marijuana demonstrators at the Wisconsin State Capitol on April 29, 1972.
Promotional pamphlet for Professioanl Advancement Plan advertising pharmacy window display poster sets. The pamphlet includes photos of six poster sets and testimonials from satisfied customers. It reports that Frank Pinchak sold the poster sets to…
Newspaper article from the Herald News (Passaic County, New Jersey) from Sunday, December 14, 2008. The article describes the work of Frank Pinchak, a pharmacist practicing in Paterson, NJ, who founded the Professional Advancement Plan. This program…
Press Release from the Paterson Museum dated September 10, 2008. The release promotes the exhibit titled "The Well-Being Notice: 40 Vintage Pharmacy Window Displays," which ran from December 6, 2008, through January 25, 2009. The release includes…
Article from the November 1959 issue of the Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association. In the article, Frank Pinchak, a pharmacist practicing in Paterson, NJ, writes about his Professional Advancement Plan, with instructions for the "basic"…
Children's coloring book titled "Soozie says 'Only Sick People Need Drugs!'"
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