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Promotional pamphlet for Professioanl Advancement Plan advertising pharmacy window display poster sets. The pamphlet includes photos of six poster sets and testimonials from satisfied customers. It reports that Frank Pinchak sold the poster sets to…
4 fluid oz. bottle labeled "Lloyd's Echinacea," c. 1950. The label lists it as being "from the laboratories of Lloyd Brothers Pharmacists Inc." in "Cincinnati, Ohio."
Jar of Princess Newmoon Herbs, packed by Julia Mae Lithgow, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, c. 1955. The jar features an image of Two women dressed in traditional Native American clothing.
Jar of Bearberry (Uva Ursi) from Eli Lilly & Company, c. 1910, and package of bearberry (Uva Ursi) from the S.B. Penick & Co., of New York, c. 1950.
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