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The Misappropriation of Native/Indigenous Imagery in Pharmaceutical Advertising

The following exhibit documents and analyzes how drug companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers have misappropriated Native and Indigenous imagery, customs, and beliefs to market their products—particularly during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Contested Cannabis: A History of Marijuana in Wisconsin and the Wider World

In recent years, many states in the United States have enacted laws to relax or largely eliminate regulations on the use or possession of cannabis (marijuana). Similar legislation has been debated across the country, including in Wisconsin.  “Contested Cannabis” is designed to advance public debate by examining the legal, regulatory, and cultural history of cannabis—particularly the history of cannabis and marijuana in the Badger State.

The exhibit explores and explains the history of cannabis, hemp, and marijuana in Wisconsin and across the United States through five themes: Taxonomy; Hemp Agriculture; Pharmacy & Medicine; Propaganda & Education; and De/Criminalization.